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   Douban: 8.4 points

   D欧版: 8.4 points

Director: eslin Walsh


   Starring: David Huris / Miranda Richardson / Sophie Landor / Ken Stout

主演:大卫·休斯(David Huris)/米兰达·理查森(Miranda Richardson)/索菲·兰多(Sophie Landor)/肯·斯托特(Ken Stout)

The film is adapted from the play of the same name by John Boynton Priestley. It mainly tells that an inspector visits the family of Arthur Burling, who is about to be knighted, in order to investigate the suicide case of a young female worker, and finally proves Everyone in the Burling family is responsible for the death of this female worker.

这部电影改编自约翰·博因顿·普里斯特利(John Boynton Priestley)的同名戏剧。它主要表明,一名检查员拜访了将要被封为爵士的亚瑟·伯林一家,以调查一名年轻女工的自杀案,并最终证明该伯林一家中的所有人都对该女工的死亡负有责任。 。

   Douban: 8.1 points

   D欧版: 8.1 points

Director: niskat camart


Starring: ajaye dewugan / Tabu / shiriya Salan / Rajat Kapur

主演:阿贾耶·德乌甘/禁忌/ shiriya Salan /拉贾特·卡普尔

   My daughter went to camp and met a classmate. So the uninvited guest broke into the home. The daughter manslaughtered the wicked man. As a father, although he has no culture, he has to protect his home. I watched a lot of movies, so I learned the plot of the movie, faked the scene, faked everything that happened. Can it be seamless? Faced with a very cunning police detective, fighting wits and courage.


   Douban: 8.6 points

   D欧版: 8.6 points

Director: Xin Yukun


Starring: Huo Weimin / Wang Xiaotian / Luo Yun / Yang Yuzhen / Sun Li

starring: hu o Wei民 / Wang ξ傲天 / luo Y UN / yang Y U贞 / sun l i

   The film tells the story of a series of strange things caused by an inexplicable corpse in a remote village in China.


  The young girl Huang Huan in the village has disappeared. The husband of the village flower Liqin who went out to work said that he had come back and was not seen. The notorious ruffian Baihu went back to the village overnight to avoid gambling debts. His brother actually said that he had not returned home for half a year. A group of seemingly irrelevant people are connected to each other because of the appearance of a corpse. When the whole village is in panic, the upright and honest village chief, who has pushed through the fog all the way, seems to sink deeper and deeper.


   Douban: 8.7 points

   D欧版: 8.7 points

Director: David Finch


   Starring: Ben Affleck / Pei Chunhua / Neil Patrick Harris / Kelly Kuhn


The film tells the story of an ordinary and loving couple. Suddenly one day the wife disappeared. The husband used various methods to search wildly. However, in a diary left by the wife, it was found that various clues indicated that the husband killed his wife .


   Douban: 8.1 points

   D欧版: 8.1 points

Director: Baran Bo Odar


   Starring: Tom Schilling / Elias Mubarik / Wotan Wilk Merlin / Hannah Hesplan


   Benjamin is a computer geek with an incredible talent for digital technology. The other protagonist in the film, Marx, is a potential revolutionist who longs for a "hacker world". With their superb hacking skills, they attracted the attention of the German secret police organization and Europol, and an evil hacker regarded them as a threat and wanted to get rid of them. Benjamin felt that he was facing a life-and-death test, and their goals did not seem to be worth the price he paid...


   Douban: 8.3 points

   D欧版: 8.3 points

  Director: James Ward Bucott


   Starring: Emily Bardoni / Murray Sterling / Nicholas Brandon


   The movie started with a dinner party for eight friends. After a blackout, all interpersonal relationships and even the world order have undergone amazing changes, integrating various types of elements such as science fiction, suspense, and indoor psychodrama.


   Douban: 8.2 points

   D欧版: 8.2 points

Director: Dan Gilroy


   Starring: Jack Gyllenhaal / Ritz Ahmed / Renee Russell / Michael Papa John


  The film tells the story of a young reporter investigating crime in Los Angeles at night, and eventually he is also involved in a "crime".


   Douban: 7.6 points

   D欧版: 7.6 points

  Director: Michael Sperry / Peter Sperry


   Starring: Ethan Hawke / Sarah Snook / Noah Taylor / Freya Stafford / Elise Jensen


The film is adapted from Robert A. Heinlein's novel "You Resurrection Corpses". It is about a member of a mysterious organization who travels through time and space to prevent crime in advance. He spends his life tracking down a serial bomber, but finally confronts the truth. But it made him dumbfounded.


   Douban: 8.3 points

   D欧版: 8.3 points

  Director: Giuseppe Tonadore


   Starring: Jeffrey Rush / Jim Sturgis / Sylvia Hokes


  The film tells a love story set in the luxury art auction industry in Vienna, Austria, and is also a "thriller without murder".


   Douban: 7.9 points

   D欧版: 7.9 points

  Director: Dennis Villeneuve


   Screenwriter: Aaron Gozkowski


   Starring: Hugh Jackman / Jack Gyllenhaal / Paul Dano / Maria Bello / Terrence Howard


   The film story tells the kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl and her companion in a small town. The investigating case is a serious and responsible detective, who has solved all the cases through his hands. The girl's father is a carpenter, believes in the "Bible" and is also a good deer hunter. He has impulsive character. He has no hope of the police and decided to act alone without the law. A series of coincidences led to the case being solved.


   Douban: 7.4 points

   D欧版: 7.4 points

   Director: Park Chan Wook


   Starring: Mia Wasikowski / Nicole Kidman / Matthew Goody / Demont Moroni


   The film tells the horror story of a girl who lost her father on her 18th birthday and a man who claimed to be an uncle came to her house. After that, people around the girl began to disappear one by one.


   Douban: 7.3 points

   D欧版: 7.3 points

  Director: Steven Soderbergh


   Starring: Jude Law / Rooney Mara / Channing Tatum / Catherine Zeta-Jones

主演:裘德·罗(Jude Law)/鲁尼·玛拉(Rooney Mara)/钱宁·塔图姆(Channing Tatum)/凯瑟琳·泽塔·琼斯(Catherine Zeta-Jones)

   The film tells about a wife who suffered mental torture after her husband was released from prison. She took drugs to maintain her condition. But unfortunate things followed one after another. The "side effects" brought about by the drugs made her hallucinate. She even had an incredible relationship with her psychotherapist, which caused her to fall into a quagmire between the two men.


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